Using Mobile Tech to Take Mortgages Door-to-Door

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WebFactorE developed a unique concept combining mobile technology with door-to-door sales for its client, PrimeCap Lending. The @Home™ program brings the lender to consumers in their homes to initiate loans. @Home™ was designed for people who want to refinance their homes but can’t afford to spend hours at the lender’s office. The @Home™ program delivers a representative to the consumer’s … Read More

Simplifying Mortgage Choices for Consumers

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WebFactorE recently developed an innovative tool for its client, PrimeCap Lending, to enable home buyers to find and choose a mortgage. The Loan Wizard™ is the world’s first mortgage product preference engine. It enables users to receive loan recommendations based on their personal preferences and individual scenario. Upon accessing the Loan Wizard™, checkboxes enable users to answer a short list … Read More

Mobile App for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers

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WebFactorE announced the launch of the eLucid RealTime™ app for its client, eLucid Lending. It is the mortgage industry’s first loan status app especially for realtors and mortgage brokers. eLucid RealTime™ enables users to login to their account, view a list of their customers currently in the eLucid loan origination system, then select an individual record to view the customers … Read More

App-based end-to-end digital mortgage solution

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eLucid Lending announced the release of the eLucid™ 2.0 mortgage app for iOS. eLucid™ 2.0 app is an end-to-end digital mortgage solution that enables users to apply for and manage a mortgage with simplicity and transparency. WebFactorE developed the concept, designed the process and interface, then managed development of the app. eLucid™ 2.0 enables users to take control of their … Read More

Apps that Help Scope Out Listed Homes for Buyers

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A 2013 National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Google survey found that 68% of people looking to buy a home found themselves using one or another of today’s popular mobile apps at some time during their odyssey. 2013 was ancient history in terms of the ascendance of mobile devices, so you’d have to guess that today’s percentage must be well … Read More

MWHL Suspends Season Due to Covid-19

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The Mountain West Hockey League (MWHL) has suspended the 2019-2020 season in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The MWHL is following mandates of health experts and local authorities in each of its cities. According to MWHL Commissioner Thomas Brown, “MWHL clubs travel long distances for games, relying mainly on ground transportation with many stops along the way for food, fuel, … Read More