Using Mobile Tech to Take Mortgages Door-to-Door

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WebFactorE developed a unique concept combining mobile technology with door-to-door sales for its client, PrimeCap Lending. The @Home™ program brings the lender to consumers in their homes to initiate loans. @Home™ was designed for people who want to refinance their homes but can’t afford to spend hours at the lender’s office.

The @Home™ program delivers a representative to the consumer’s home prepared with personalized financial data that illustrates the potential savings available by refinancing. During their visit, @Home™ representatives assist consumers as they apply for a loan, upload supporting financial documents, and digitally sign documents – all without going to the lender’s office.

Making this unique service possible is the @Home™ app. Each @Home™ representative carries this proprietary application on a 4G wireless tablet device. It enables them to present financing options, calculate loan scenarios, and submit loan applications and documents. All data is encrypted and transferred to a secure server. No customer data is stored on the tablet device.

In addition to providing a representative to offer personalized assistance in the home, the @Home™ app puts consumers in touch with a loan officer via live video chat. This enables consumers to interact face-to-face with the person who will process their loan.

“The idea of a lender making house calls may be unusual. But by combining the latest mobile technology with good old fashion face-to-face contact, @Home™ enables us to deliver a level of customer service unmatched in the industry,” said Scott Sheldon, PrimeCap Lending’s founder.

PrimeCap Lending is a low-cost mortgage lender that is committed to making the mortgage process simple and transparent while delivering exceptional customer service. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, eLucid services customers in California, Nevada, and Oregon.