Mobile App for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers

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WebFactorE announced the launch of the eLucid RealTime™ app for its client, eLucid Lending. It is the mortgage industry’s first loan status app especially for realtors and mortgage brokers.

eLucid RealTime™ enables users to login to their account, view a list of their customers currently in the eLucid loan origination system, then select an individual record to view the customers current loan status in real-time.

“The ability to track their customers’ loan status has been at the top of the wish list for every realtor or broker we’ve spoken to over the past year,” said Sheila Smith, Vice President of Mortgage Lending Operations at eLucid. “The eLucid RealTime™ app helps realtors keep customers on the path to closing so they can earn their commission faster.”

eLucid RealTime™ is a web app, so it works on any web-enabled smartphone or tablet. It is available direct from any eLucid representative.