How to Avoid the Same Old Traps

adminEmail Marketing includes new spam traps on a regular basis. They also mix things up by reactivating spam traps that were as much as two years old. Spam trap operators like SpamCop play an important role by identifying email abuse ranging from malicious botnets to inexperienced marketers who inadvertently send to bad lists. In order to be effective, SpamCop and other … Read More

Gmail Image Caching Update

adminEmail Marketing

In a blog posted in December (“Is Gmail Waging War on Christmas?”) we alerted you to a change in Gmail that had a significant impact on email marketers. Google quietly began to proxy images through their own servers, impacting the way they were cached. The change was intended to enable Gmail to display images to users instantly without the need … Read More

Facts You Need to Know About CASL

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The Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) went into effect on July 1, 2014. Originally passed in December 2010, the legislation defines tough new rules for email marketers targeting Canadian citizens and businesses. CASL is more stringent than CAN-SPAM regulations enforced in the United States and includes serious financial penalties for abuse. As always, the devil is in the details, so … Read More

How to Use Pop-ups to Build Your List

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Pop-ups in general have gotten a bad rap in no small part due to pop-up ads. Pop-up ads, typically having nothing to do with the underlying content, can be distracting and annoying. But that shouldn’t preclude you from using pop-ups altogether. If your website features good content or regularly makes valuable offers, visitors will want to hear from you. Most … Read More