We develop e-business strategies that take advantage of multiple marketing channels to deliver measurable results for our clients.

Consumers today have more choices than ever when it comes to gathering information and making purchasing decisions. Most use as many as four screens each day: television, computer, tablet, and smartphone to access thousands of cable or satellite channels and millions of websites and apps – all vying for their attention.

To cut through the clutter and reach your target audience, you need an e-business strategy that spans all four screens, identifies which channels your consumers use, then follows them as they move from one channel to another to create a consistent experience.

WebFactorE helps clients develop multichannel marketing programs that leverage web and app content, social media, email, SMS, and SEM and SEO to reach consumers as they jump from channel to channel.

We work with clients to understand their consumers then define a buyer persona that can be used to determine which channels should get the greatest focus. Armed with this understanding, we take an inbound approach to creating useful, relevant content that is based on consumer needs, a tactic that not only boosts engagement, but enhances SEO and encourages sharing as well.

While we tailor content, meta data, and calls to action to each channel, we also ensure that messaging is consistent across all channels to deliver a seamless brand experience to your customers.

With so many channels working together at once, it is crucial to measure results to identify which channels influence others and which channels deliver the highest ROI. WebFactorE reviews data from a wide range of analytics sources to track multichannel campaign activity, identify trends, measure results, and offer recommendations.

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