When It Comes to Sharing, Email Is Caring

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Back in July we posted a blog titled, Socially Awkward, comparing email with social media. The blog cited a study by Custora that revealed email generated significantly more leads and sales than social networks like Facebook and Twitter over the past four years. A recent report from SocialTwist, a company that gives consumers incentives to share deals online, further enhanced the belief.

SocialTwist looked at results from more than 40 campaigns for consumer packaged goods marketers. It found that when it came to sharing and conversion, email beat the two leading social networks combined! Among brand advocates, email was used to share information 54% of the time compared to 41.8% using Facebook and just 2.6% using Twitter. The numbers for engagement and conversion favored email as well. SocialTwist found that 50.8% of new consumers were reached through email versus 26.8% via Twitter and 22% via Facebook.

SocialTwist should not have been surprised by the trend favoring email as the preferred medium for sharing offers. Social media can definitely offer an audience that extends beyond the reach of the typical advocate’s email contact list, making it ideal for general interest sharing. However, when it comes to sharing information on products or services of a more individual nature like personal care or luxury items, consumers are more reluctant to broadcast their preferences via social media. They choose email instead for its ability to communicate on a more targeted, one-to-one basis.