We build search engine optimization and pay-per-click programs for search and social media to help clients acquire new customers.

Customer acquisition is crucial to any business. When it comes to web and mobile, search is the key to attracting visitors and acquiring customers. To be successful, your business needs both a search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.

When it comes to SEO, you need a strategy that focuses not just on keywords, but on content, connections, and location. Methods such as keyword stuffing are penalized by today’s advanced search engines. Instead WebFactorE can help you produce quality content that stays on-topic and includes a mix of semantically related keywords, carefully applied to read naturally. Your strategy should also include link building. But not all links are created equally. Like keyword stuffing, random links can negatively impact your search ranking. We focus on building connections to relevant content on authoritative websites. Since more and more consumers search via mobile devices, we localize SEO efforts to ensure consumers in your immediate area find you first.

While an effective SEO strategy can organically grow your traffic over time, nothing jump-starts the flow of visitors to a website like SEM. Not only is SEM effective, it is efficient because as its other common name – pay-per-click advertising – implies, it is results oriented. You only pay for visitors who click your ad to arrive at your website. WebFactorE helps clients develop a list of effective keywords, determine a manageable budget, then creates compelling ads and related landing pages to convert clicks into sales.

On a good day, perhaps 2% of your website visitors convert. The rest are window shoppers. That’s why we also develop retargeting strategies that help clients track visitors from their website to others they subsequently visit where we display ads designed to lure them back. This kind of persistence reinforces brand messaging while providing cost-effective opportunities to re-engage.

We measure the success of both SEO and SEM programs. We carefully analyze data starting with clicks on search listings or ads and continuing through visits and conversion. We work with clients to identify key performance indicators (KPI) to accurately benchmark and measure SEO and SEM programs against their specific needs and expectations.

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