WebFactorE is a leader in e-business strategy, online marketing, and content development.  They have helped Zeta significantly over the past two years with our information architecture and content for the Zeta site, as well as ongoing content management support.  They are an ideal fit for marketers who need help with both site development and content marketing.

John B. Lewis, Vice President at Zeta Interactive

I’ve known WebFactorE founder Tom Brown for just over 15 years during which time he has been a great friend and mentor. He is a digitally savvy, strategic marketing executive with proven expertise in pioneering effective organizations and inspiring business growth.

I first met Tom in the late 90’s when he founded Proscenium and at a time when most marketers had yet to grasp the mind-boggling impact that all things digital would have on our business. Tom was one of the guys out in front of it and he became a great source of information, inspiration and advice. He has continued to provide excellent counsel and I call on him regularly to discuss both issues du jour and future trends.

John Dunleavy, President at m:united (Interpublic Group)

WebFactorE founder Tom Brown has that very rare blend of creative talent and business savvy. An excellent team player and motivator, Tom is comfortable in the board room and leading teams big and small. His ability to sell to the C-level office covers vision casting and creative concept development through to realization. Tom is an A player and is a ringer for the teams with whom he works. I have had the pleasure of working with Tom both at Blockbuster and at LasVegas.com.

Craig Maccubbin, CTO at Southwest Airlines

WebFactorE founder Tom Brown melds a deep understanding of interactive technology with a solid background in design principles. He is a truly inspiring interactive expert, as well as my mentor for over a dozen years. Most of what I know about business can be credited back to things Tom has taught me, and he has always made himself available to me for advice when I’ve needed it.

Jeffrey Berthiaume, Vice President Technology at MEDL Mobile